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  • Ashgar Darna Compund, 7A building, floor 7, app 71. Ring road, Maadi
  • (+2) 01152650050 -- 23892719
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General Business Activities

our company is targeting unique and creative designs solutions that meet the clientís expectations. The company has a great strong experience in this architectural field involving residential projects, commercial projects and factories. It became an expert in practicing at this fieldís techniques of landscape, exterior finishes, interior finishes, decoration and furniture. Every service is done under highly professional quality of finishing services that are satisfying the clientís needs. Our company always keen to provide the services as the agreed due dates perfectly and with the good prices. The company is leading a creative practice for creative transformation for the customerís dreams to conceptual designs. Here in the company we are keen to solve all the obstacles through civil or architecture solutions. We integrate honesty and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.